Why Banaban?


You’ll fall in love with Banaban when you read their story, but first let’s read about why their product is the bomb.

Banaban offer over 90 products made from 100% Organic Coconuts including their high quality Virgin Coconut Oil, Gourmet Coconut Foods and gentle, chemical-free Coconut Body Products. Because their products go through minimal processing they are able to retain a high percentage of the coconut’s valuable nutrients. It’s important to do your research on the product before buying as some brands  bleach, kill nutrient using high heat and heavily process their products. If the Coconut products in your pantry contain artificial additives or preservatives, throw them out!

How Banaban Coconut Oil is Made

So how do Banaban products retain such a high percentage of nutrients?

The organic coconuts used in Banaban products are grown in Fiji on a farm spanning over 1,500 acres. Once harvested by local Fijians and Banaban Islanders, the coconuts are transported to a processing facility on a Northern Island. Maintaining a 2 hourly drop-off schedule, the coconuts are arriving fresh and ready to be made into your favourite Banaban products.

The coconut flesh is removed upon arrival and cut into small pieces ready to be air dried. The temperature during this process is set to under 60 degrees in order to remove moisture without damaging the precious fatty acids or rich Vitamin E content. The finished product is a beautiful, dehydrated coconut chip.

The coconut chips are then cold pressed for Virgin Coconut oil or used to make other food and body products.

The oil is then filtered to remove any remaining coconut particles using only natural fibre filters. During the packaging process they are held in biodegradable cardboard containers and poured into wide-mouthed containers (BPA free of course).

The Banaban processing facility uses only bio-fuel made from Coconuts! No chemicals are used during this process and the result is a product that proudly wears the Australian Certified Organic badge and is certified Kosher and USDA Organic. To top it off the products are suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements as it’s paleo friendly, kosher, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan and vegetarian. It could not get better.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil boasts benefits for your hair, skin and digestive system and has hundreds of uses. You may be wondering what in the world makes Coconut Oil such a potent and powerful super food. Well let’s break it down.

Coconut Oil is made up mostly of Saturated Fats (about 94%) of which more than half are Medium-Chain-Fatty-Acids. I know Saturated Fats have gotten a bad rep but they’re not all that bad, here’s why; Medium-Chain-Fatty-Acids are special, because of the way they are structured they are easily absorbed by the body and are used as a direct source of energy meaning it doesn’t get stored on your hips.

They don’t contribute to your cholesterol build up either, so don’t believe everything you hear. Medium-Chain-Fatty-Acids like the ones found in Coconut Oil actually help to reduce bad cholesterol.

Here’s a break-down of the Saturated Fats you’ll find in Coconut Oil and they’re main benefits.


Antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial
Transported directly to the liver to be used as energy
Powerful acne treatment


Antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial
Acne treatment and prevention
Prevents infections in the urinary tract and bladder
Helps to heal gingivitis and other oral infections
May help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
Fights off yeast infections including Candida

*Further studies are being done to know more about the role caprylic acid plays in fighting inflammation, Alzheimer’s and autism.


Used in the body to stabilize proteins, especially in the immune system


Antiviral, antimicrobial
Helps to protect from infections and toxins
Helps to combat viruses, bacteria and yeast like Candida
Strong oral disinfectant
Aids in weight loss by causing a greater energy expenditure in the body


Helps to increase the absorption of nutrients
Increases satiety and metabolism (great for weight loss)


Helps to prevent atherosclerosis (a disease in which plaque builds up in your arteries)
Increases cardiovascular health


Reduces blood pressure
Increases fat burning effect
Protects cells from free radical damage
Helps to prevent diabetes
Used to make myelin in the body (protective coating on nerves throughout the brain and body)


Increases health of hair, skin and nails
Improves cell membrane recovery
Supports healthy inflammation response
Lubricates the body’s channels inside and out


Can reduce cancerous tumors by up to 50%
Helps fight the enzyme known to cause asthma
Powerful anti-inflammatory properties
Mimics the effect of synthetic diabetic drug


Helpful in the treatment and prevention of heart disease
May help to reduce the bad cholesterol levels
Helps to regulate blood pressure


Total cholesterol lowering effect
Used as an effective agent in skin cleansers

If you’re as intrigued as I am, head over to Wellness Mama to learn more about the benefits of Medium-Chain-Fatty-Acids.

 The Story Behind Banaban

Fall in love with Banaban all over again with their incredible story. Buy your goods from Organic Coconut Toowoomba and support a community of Banaban Islanders – also known as the ‘Forgotten People of the Pacific’.

During World War II the island of Banaba, located in the Pacific Ocean and part of the Kiribati Republic, was invaded by the Japanese who murdered some of the population, putting the rest to work while their home was mined for phosphate. The British arrived when the war was over and forced the remaining Banabans to migrate more than 3,000km away to an island in Fiji. By 1979 the phosphate-rich island was stripped of over 90% of its surface, leaving this once beautiful home a desolate, barren wasteland.

Ken and Stacey, the geniuses behind the Banaban brand, work closely with the displaced Banaban community who are now mostly located in Rabi, Fiji. Ken is an indigenous Banaban Pacific islander and Stacey, his partner, is an Australian with a long family history of involvement with the Banabans spanning over 6 generations. Stacey is also very active in cultural projects and has over 15 years’ experience aiding the Pacific region.

Read more about their work and connection to the indigenous community.