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Why Organic Coconut?

Hi, I’m Lea and Organic Coconut Toowoomba is my baby, My aim is to help you achieve optimal health through an integrative approach… Starting with Coconut Oil!

My husband, Anthony and I run this business as a team. I am the health-nut and writer and Anthony is my support system, keeping me sane and making sure our household runs smoothly when I’m worn out. Together we have our son Jules and our daughter Georgia, so our hands and hearts  are full.

Lea Sharp Organic Coconut

I am a Mother, Writer, Life Coach, Mindful Meditation Guru, Yoga Novice, Natural Health Advocate & Happiness Enthusiast. My goal is to become a qualified Naturopath, specializing in Women’s health and mental health issues including depression and anxiety. Currently I’m studying an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and making plans to add Holistic Coaching services to Organic Coconut Toowoomba so keep your eyes peeled!

I am a survivor of physical and sexual abuse. Having been through struggles with addiction and suicide attempts, my dream is to be able to empower others who are struggling with mental health issues and support them on their journey to better health. Through my experiences I have learned of the important role natural health and nutrition plays in mental health and plan to use my knowledge and passion to help others heal from these diseases holistically.

Starting this business has meant I am able to devote my time to my children as a Stay-At-Home-Mum while fulfilling my needs with a fun and profitable project of my own. I get to play a business and marketing extraordinaire, write about Health and Wellbeing and Personal Development and score Virgin Coconut Oil at a discounted price, all while helping you.

That’s my idea of a win.

Our Values


Why You Should Shop With Us

Here are even more benefits of buying from us at Organic Coconut Toowoomba.

We value the incredible benefits of coconut so much that we want to make these products affordable for everyone, that’s why we aim to have the lowest prices on organic coconut produce. Our emphasis on competitive pricing and personal service makes our business unbeatable.

By shopping with a small, home-based business like ours you are giving your community a boost and enabling our little family to afford the simple luxuries like organic produce, healthy meals and more coconut oil!

We guarantee a personal service every time.