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Health Food Shop Toowoomba

Organic Coconut Toowoomba is a family owned and operated Health Food Shop and supplier of all things Coconut. Specializing in Organic Coconut Oil, Coconut Foods, Coconut Body Products and sugar-free Coconut Water (COMING SOON!), you’ll be confident you’re getting your money’s worth with these high quality treats.

We are proud to boast competitive prices because we believe that being healthy shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil is unbeatable! For $15Lt let your love affair with ‘The Healthiest Oil on Earth’ blossom while enjoying all the life-sustaining rewards.


Why is Coconut Oil so good for you?

Lauric Acid is one of the magical components of Coconut Oil and boasts a huge range of health benefits! Lauric acid fights harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi. It’s known to increase your metabolism aiding in weight loss, lower your cholesterol levels and may even protect against some chemical carcinogens. Banaban Coconut Oil contains on average a whopping 50% of lauric acid! That’s some high quality stuff.

Coconut Oil is made up primarily of Medium-Chain-Fatty-Acids, these MCFA’s are the reason your Coconut Oil turns solid during the cooler months. A high percentage of these fatty acids is what makes our Coconut products high quality.

Stock up on all your faves and start reaping the amazing benefits of Coconut Oil.

What We’re All About

I’m coco for coconuts if that wasn’t obvious by now. I’m also ‘coco’ for good health and helping you find your bliss – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. My aim as your local health food supplier is to provide you with affordable Coconut Oil, Coconut Water (COMING SOON!) and other Coconut Products, offering the convenience of affordable postage or door-to-door delivery.

In addition to being your Connoisseur of Coconut, behind the scenes I’m working hard to bring you personalized Holistic Coaching services and studying Naturopathy in order to provide the best of care to my family and customers. I want you to feel good and live a rich, happy life. You can learn more about the family behind the business you love here

What You’ll Find at Organic Coconut

Must Reads!

Read the Organic Coconut blog to find simple home remedies, wholefoods recipes and a HUGE range of Health & Wellbeing resources.


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Raving Reviews

  • So i recently won a package of coconut products and im in love, the coconut butter leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and the shampoo and conditioner done wonders for my hair, im now addicted. Thanks again �

  • Excellent quality Coconut products at a fantastic price. I am so happy that you opened in Toowoomba!

  • So fantastic and easy to buy quality organic coconut products from Organic Coconut Toowoomba. The No nut Coconut butter is delicious and the coconut oil is by far the best I have ever used!!

  • I recently started using coconut aminos from Organic Coconut Toowoomba. We used to use alot of soy sauce as we make alot of our own sushi, won tons and rice paper rolls that the kids smother with soy sauce. Now I am more conscious of ingredients in our food and issues soy can cause so was stoked to find coconut aminos. Its not as salty as tamari and soy sauce too. Definitely something you should add to your shopping cart !

  • I have tried the 1L coconut and I must say It’s lovely! Nice light flavour, not overpowering. Lovely flavour too. I love that it’s sustainably grown in Fiji and supports local villages.
    Would definitely purchase again.

  • So quick and easy! No fuss, no hassle way to buy. Thanks so much Organic Coconut Toowoomba 🙂 I’ll definitely be coming back!

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